What We Can Offer

We can offer you a small range of standard products which we continue to expand. For this range of products, we can offer customisation if volume requirements are sufficient – for example, embossed product logos, colours, tints, a range of materials etc.

Alternatively, if you require bespoke packaging, we can partner with you through the full life cycle of your product from inception through design, prototyping, tooling up, product launch, long term manufacture through maturity, re-design and to the end of your product life cycle where it may well begin again with a new and improved package.

If you currently source a bespoke product elsewhere and are considering resourcing, we can assess your product and volume requirements and cost various manufacturing options for you. During this process, we can evaluate possibilities for improving your product cost profile through materials selection, tooling/process design and perhaps value added activities at our facility.

We can offer short lead times, reliable quality to medical sector standards, on time delivery, flexibility and customer centred service.

If you have you an idea for your product packaging but you are not sure how it can be manufactured, we will assess it and can give you guidance on the best and most cost effective manufacturing process to employ.


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