Once your product is designed, we can arrange to have high precision rapid prototyping (to a maximum resolution of .016mm) carried out locally to create functional prototypes. Prototypes can be produced in various materials and shore hardnesses to emulate various properties of plastic moulded parts – for example hardness/softness or rigidity/flexibility.

You can see and feel the product design in the flesh before committing to cutting metal. This is useful to get a quick appreciation of how your product will look / perform and allows fine tuning of the design before proceeding further.Prototypes such as these can be produced within a few days using either 3D printing which is an an additive process, or 3D 4 axis machining – a subtractive process.

If you require multiple samples, we can also manufacture single cavity tooling in metal that will allow for the production of perhaps a few thousand samples. This will facilitate product testing, clinical trials, customer sampling etc. Depending on the annual volume requirement, the budget allowed and the design approach, this tooling may become your initial production tooling.


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