Quality Policy

“From order to delivery, we will ensure our customers receive quality products and a high level of customer service every day”

 This is the mission which supports our vision:

 “To be the Premier Manufacturer of Blow/Injection Moulded Packaging Products in Ireland, for the Life Sciences and Med-Tech Sectors”

 Top management are totally committed in terms of energy and resources, to comply with applicable customer, statutory and regulatory requirements, and maintain the effectiveness and continual improvement of our quality management system. To demonstrate this, we have implemented the international quality management system standard of

I.S. EN ISO 9001:2015 which applies to the scope of:

 “Technical blow moulding – the production of hollow plastic containers. Injection moulding”

 Employees are empowered to achieve a standard of excellence in their core competencies. This supports the continual professional development of our employees and the achievement of quality and process objectives.

 This policy provides a framework for setting quality and process objectives and ensures high levels of customer satisfaction. We will review these objectives and the quality policy regularly, but at least annually at our management review meeting.

 This policy is communicated to all employees as part of induction and training programmes and is displayed throughout our premises for visitors to view. It is available to interested parties upon request.



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